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We don't just clean windows.

Here's the full list of what we do


We offer domestic and commercial window cleaning in Huntingdon, St Ives an the surrounding area using pure water with the Reach and Wash System which keeps your windows cleaner for longer.


The Reach and Wash pole system means that previously unreachable windows such as windows over conservatories or Velux style roof windows can now be cleaned. With our window cleaning service the frames of your windows also get cleaned as standard every time.
We can arrange to clean your windows every 1, 2 or 3 months. To make sure that you’re happy for us to come we can either text, ring or email you the night before.

Reach and wash window cleaning
Window Cleaning

For many people the conservatory is a focal point of their home and a costly investment. However it doesn’t take long before a conservatory can start to look grubby from a build-up of green algae, moss, bird droppings and general dirt.
Using pure water we can clean the entire conservatory, including the conservatory roof, fascia and any decorative mouldings. Regular cleaning of your conservatory will keep it looking in great condition and will also prolong its life.

Conservatory cleaning before and after
Conservatory cleaning

Over time gutters start to fill up with debris from your roof, leaves, moss and stones. Sometimes plants start growing which blocks things up even more. When this starts to happen, instead of the gutters working properly allowing rainwater to flow into the drain, water starts to flow over the sides. If this isn’t dealt with it can cause serious damp problems on your property which can be very expensive to fix.
The simple solution is to have your gutters cleared regularly to make sure that the rainwater can flow properly. We would recommend having the gutters cleared towards the end of autumn and maybe again in spring.

Gutter clearing

Your windows may be sparkling but the external appearance of your home can be ruined if the fascias, soffits, gutters and downpipes are thick with dirt and algae. Over time this dirt gets baked on by the sun making it even harder to remove.


Our purified water simply dissolves this dirt so is ideal for cleaning these parts of your house, leaving the entire exterior looking clean.

Clean gutters, fascia and soffits
Fascia and gutter cleaning

Over time driveways and patios start to get a build up of dirt, weeds and algae which makes things look unsightly and can often make them slippery and dangerous. We have different methods of keeping your driveway and patio looking at its best.
Our industrial pressure washer quickly and effectively cuts through dirt to make an immediate difference. Depending on the surface we can use a chemical treatment to kill off any spores to help keep the patio or driveway cleaner for longer.

Driveway and patio cleaning
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